Cambridge says Farewell to an original,
a man who sustained an artists outlet,
Poets, Painters, Singers, Musicians of all stripes,
creator & host of long running open mic
that began in a gallery
jazz records spinning to readings,
moved to bars & parks & malls,
VHS tapes, CD's, cable,
a loyal group enjoying

Stone Soup Poetry,
thirty some odd years going
every Monday for eternity!

Jack Powers,
Godfather of Cambridge Poetry scene
has passed on to that
great gig in the sky,
joining Brother Blue
in an

Jack Powers,
open mic MC,
loved, hated, cheered, jeered,
he brought international Poets
to Massachusetts
introduced generations to Beats,
Yeats, Dickinson, et al,
& local voices were raised
are rising
around the republic
from Slam to Jam
to Squawking Folks,
to the streets of NYC!
Stone brewing a stew
out of blue
return to roots,
gather 'round!

Jack Powers,
showed a poor white boy from suburbia
what it meant to be a Poet,
and you know I have know idea
how one achieves such status
without apparatus...

Jack Powers,
& in his court we sang
raising glasses high,
pool cues, beef stews,
words without limit,
it was a ruckus!

so long,
have a great journey
fly with Bird,
ride with Neil,
drink with Jack, Jack,
Charles glaring from the corner,
wine on his breath;
carry on.

Jack Powers.

July, 1991. two crazed boys, high on pot & colas,
roared down to Cambridge town & T. T. the Bears
for some Stone Soup.

They signed up, but, did not read,
the night got late, they split & roared up the dark highway.

November, 1991, one crazed boy roars down to Stone Soup,
this night, he reads, & it is glorious, & he is hooked,
an addiction,
& the rest is history.

Peace Out, Jack.

Your Poetry Pal,
D. A. Boucher,
aka, Da Butcha, Short Attention Span King of Poetry
Arthur Hiberious Fluffington, "Art Fluff",

Short Attantion Span Poet