September 2nd: Tom Daley Features

 Stone Soup Poetry meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery at 106 Prospect Street with an open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m.  On September 2, Stone Soup welcomes another Labor Day with a feature by poet and teacher Tom Daley.

Tom Daley leads writing workshops at the Online School of Poetry, the Boston Center for Adult Education, and Lexington Community Education. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of journals including Consequence, Fence, Denver Quarterly, Witness, Massachusetts Review, 32 Poems, Harvard Review, Barrow Street, Diagram, and Rhino and has been anthologized in the Poets for Haiti anthology and The Body Electric. He is a recipient of 2012 Dana Award in Poetry and he won the Wag’s Revue Winter Contest 2013. He is the author of a play, Every Broom and Bridget—Emily Dickinson and Her Irish Servants, which he performs as a one-man show.

August 26th: Valerie Anne Prescott Features

Stone Soup Poetry meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery at 106 Prospect Street with an open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m.  On August 26th,Stone Soup celebrates the last of it's "hot month" readings with a feature from poet and children's book author, Valerie Anne Prescott.

Longtime Arlington, Massachusetts resident Valerie Anne Prescott has been a storyteller and writer since she was a child, but she has only recently attempted to have her poetry and fiction published. Valerie’s poems have appeared in the magazine Bellowing Ark, the Wilderness House Literary Review, and in the Lyrical Somerville feature of the The Somerville News. In Gratitude is her first published volume of poetry. Valerie is an animal lover and advocate for human and animal rights. She lives with five rescued pets, cats Lily, Jack, and Molly, and dogs Goldie and Toby. Valerie is also currently working towards the publication of her first children’s book, A Dream for Patches or The Christmas Bear’s Wish, a story with some sadness and longing, but also in which every spirit ultimately finds their own path to peace and joy. She wishes these things for every Soul in the world.


Beginning Tonight: Boston Poetry Marathon 2013

Boston Poetry Marathon 2013
A Summer Poetry Marathon
featuring a billion local and
visiting poets reading for 8 minutes apiece

Admission is free but the hat will be passed

Friday 8/16, 7 PM - 10 PM
Saturday 8/17, 12:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Sunday 8/18, 12:30 PM - 5 PM
186 1/2 Hampshire St.,
Inman Square, Cambridge

This schedule is still subject to change.

Friday 8/16
7:00 Jim Dunn
7:08 Lori Lubeski
7:16 Frank Spignese
7:24 Audrey Mardavich
7:32 David Rivard
7:40 January O’Neil
7:48 Anna Ross
8:04 Lauren Russell
8:12 Chad Parenteau
8:20 Christina Davis
8:28 David Blair
8:36 Thom Donovan
8:44 Cheryl Clark Vermeulen 8:52 Tim Trace Peterson
9:08 Krysten Hill
9:16 Ryan DiPetta
9:24 Mitch Manning
9:32 Guillermo Parra
9:40 Dorothea Lasky 9:48 Joel Sloman

Saturday 8/17
12:30 Jim Behrle
12:38 Nicholas Rattner
12:46 Lissa Piercy
12:54 Andrew K. Peterson
1:02 Joe O’Brien
1:10 Allen Bramhall
1:26 Jonathan Pappas
1:34 Kythe Heller
1:42 David Rich
1:50 Joshua Savory
1:58 Bridget Madden
2:06 Ken Walker
2:22 Brian Foley
2:30 Suzanne Mercury
2:38 Judah Rubin
2:46 Patrick Pritchett
2:54 Teisha Dawn Twomey
3:06 Timothy Gager
3:22 Louis Freedman 3:30 Sam Cha 3:38 Ted Dodson
3:46 Debrah Morkun
3:54 Kit Schl├╝ter 4:02 Amelia Bentley break
3:48 Ben McFall
3:56 Martha McCollough
4:04 Andrew Dieck
4:12 Hassan Sakar
4:20 Ethel Rackin
4:28 Molly Maguire
4:44 Sampson Starkweather
4:56 Thomas Devaney
5:04 Greg Purcell
5:12 Levi Rubeck
dinner break
7:00 Jenny Zhang
7:08 Janaka Stucky
7:16 Joanna Fuhrman
7:24 Christina Strong
7:32 Andy Mister
7:40 Erica Anzalone
7:48 Elizabeth Marie Young
8:04 Macgregor Card
8:12 Jacqueline Waters
8:20 Cecilia Corrigan
8:28 Marcella Durand
8:36 Mitch Highfill
8:44 Tanya Larkin
8:52 Ish Klein
9:08 Edmund Berrigan
9:16 Arlo Quint
9:24 Corina Copp
9:32 Jessica Fiorini
9:40 John Coletti
9:48 Laura Henriksen
9:54 Jess Mynes
10:18 Filip Marinovich
10:26 Douglas Rothschild

Sunday 8/18

12:30 Nathaniel Otting
12:38 Gilmore Tamny
12:46 Mark Lamoreaux
12:54 Ryan Gallagher
1:02 Marion Bell
1:10 Nicole Hefner Callahan
1:26 Joe Elliot
1:34 Raffael de Grutola
1:42 Gerrit Lansing
1:50 Carol Weston
1:58 Anthony Cueller
2:06 Chris Jackson
2:22 John Mulrooney
2:30 Kevin McLellan
2:36 Ben Mazer
2:44 Amanda Cook
2:52 James Cook
3:00 Daniel Pritchard
3:16 Sanjana Nair
3:24 Philip Nikolaev
3:32 Lisa Sullivan
3:40 Bill Alberti
3:48 Chris Lindstrom


August 19th: Dana D. Ruff Features

Stone Soup Poetry meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery at 106 Prospect Street with an open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m.  On August 19th, Stone Soup welcomes poet and venue host Dana D. Ruff, with an introduction by Toni Bee.  His bio is as follows.

Co-host of the: 'If You Can Feel it, You Can Speak it' Open Mic every 2nd Thurs of the month Bella Luna/Milky Way 284 Amory St. Author of the book; "Staying on 94: Tales from a Misguided Soul" Featured at venues such as :Middle East, Slades, Blue wave, Haley House, Generations in Avon, Darryl's Corner, Harvard College, Bay State College, Boston University, Apollo Theater, Strand Theater

"I started doing poetry to express what was being forced to be pent up, the pain of everyday life which in most cases i didn't know how to keep silent about. Poetry was my way of remembering lessons i needed to have embedded in myself."


August 12th: Robin Linn Features

Stone Soup Poetry meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery at 106 Prospect Street with an open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m.  On August 12th,we welcome Robin Linn to Stone Soup, as she gives a farewell reading before leaving Boston to pursue her doctorate.  

Robin Linn’s poetry can be found in the anthology “A World Rediscovered” and in literary journals such as Saranac Review, SPECS, Redactions and Amethyst Arsenic. Her collection, Fairytale-Ending Machine, was published by FootHills Publishing. Robin’s critical work and poetry has also been featured in Sugar House Review.  A facilitator of local poetry workshops, Robin has also volunteered for PEN New England's Freedom to Write prison writing program. She received her MFA from Lesley University, and is currently beginning her doctoral work in the Creative Writing program at Georgia State University.


August 5th: Pre-Stone Soup Poetry Writing Workshop

I will be leading a workshop today on August 5th, to take place before Stone Soup Poetry from 6:00 PM to just before 8:00 PM at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery.

Please bring a poem of any form and style no more than 1-2 pages. Bring up to 10 copies of your poem to share with the group, and be prepared to share your thoughts on each others work. If you have trouble printing your work, you can email it to me before 5:00 Monday at chadpoetforhire@yahoo.com

Those unable to attend that are interested in future dates please email me.