Reminder: Ala Khaki Features September 26th

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Another Photo From Jack Powers' Birthday

Jack Powers and Simon Schnatter. Photo by Bill Perrault.

Bill Perrault has been tireless in his efforts to document Stone Soup Poetry with photos like the one above and the regular Stone Soup Poetry show he puts together every week for Cambridge Community Television. Hopefully, more photos from recent performances will grace this website.

If anyone would like to help contribute to the website or assist in documenting Stone Soup, please email stonesouppoetry@yahoo.com


Happy Birthday, Jack

Jack Powers, September 12, 2005. Photo by Bill Perrault.

Stone Soup Poetry thanks everyone who gave tribute to Jack Powers this past Monday and helped make his birthday celebration so successful. The readings and tributes went on for so long, everyone missed the chance to go to the restaurant in the North End as was originally intended. However, by the time the guest of honor went up to read, it was hardly a concern.

If possible, more photos from the reading will be posted here soon.



Jack Powers' Birthday reading is just a couple of hours away. Hope to see you there.


September 26th: Ala Khaki Features

Stone Soup Poetry will meet from 8-10 p.m. with an open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m. Featuring for the first time will be the poet Ala Khaki.

Ala Khaki was born in Iran in 1955. Twice he was a political prisoner under the Shah’s regime for his participation in the democracy movement at the ages of 18 and 19 respectively. In 1978, a year after his second release and the destruction of his first book, From Here to Sunrise (some of those poems were later published in his Farsi chapbook Calling The Dawn over fifteen years later), he left Iran for America after receiving a tip from a relative with ties to the military that he was on a death squad list.

Khaki reads at a monthly literary gathering of Iranians in Boston and was recently a feature at the New England Poetry Conference. His poems have appeared in Iranian literary journals including The Book Review, Par (Feather) and Thought and Imagination. He lives in New Hampshire and is working on the second collection of his Farsi poems. His first chapbook in English,
Return, should be ready by the time he visits Stone Soup on the 26th. A sample poem is below:

Ala Khaki

Eyes burning,
stung by the harsh
foul fog of lies
surrounded by crocodile prophets
we are effortlessly drowning
in a shallow marsh.

September 19th: Carolyn Gregory Features

Following the Jack Powers birthday tribute on the 12th, Stone Soup will resume its regular 8-10 p.m schedule on Mondays, with a open-mike sign up at 7:30. Next Monday will feature local poet Carolyn Gregory.

Carolyn Gregory works at the VA Hospital in Boston and has published poetry and essays on classical music and photography in the American Poetry Review, Seattle Review, Yankee, Bellowing Ark, Art Times, Main Street Rag, Poesy, Ibbetson Street, Stylus and many others. Her second book, Open Letters, will be published in the next few months. She has done featured readings at Forsyth Chapel at Forest Hills Cemetery, St. John's Episcopal Church, Borders, Newton Arts Center and Stone Soup. She has been a member of the Jamaica Pond Poetry workshop for the past seven years.

Click here for a sample poem from Gregory in the latest online magazine Shampoo.
Monday September 12th: Jack Powers' Birthday

Doug Holder and Jack Powers

Tomorrow, come celebrate the birthday of Stone Soup's founder. Stone Soup staples will read poems of Jack that have been published over the venue's thirty-plus years of history. And Jack may read a few poems himself. Due to the special occasion, the start time for tomorrow is 7:30 p.m. instead of 8:00 p.m.

After the reading, there are plans to meet at Mother Anna's on 211 Hanover St in Boston's Haymarket area.

For further information on the Out Of The Blue, visit the website via the sidebar link or call (617) 354-5287. For further information about Mother Anna's, call (617) 523-8496.


Monday September 5th: Steven Selman Reads

This Monday Stone Soup presents poet Steven Selman, retired army colnel from Westford and author of the book Prehumous (As opposed to Posthumous).
Important Announcement, News

On September 12th, Stone Soup will be holding a special reading and celebration in honor of founder Jack Powers' Birthday. On that day, Stone Soup will be meeting at 7:30 p.m. instead of eight, as we will likely move the venue from the Out of The Blue Art Gallery to a restaurant in the North End. More information will come.

Here are the definite readers for September so far.

September 5th--Steve Selman.

September 19th--Carolyn Gregory.