February 12: Damon Features at Stone Soup Poetry

Stone Soup Poetry meets every Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 at our new location, the Fort Point Arts Community's Assemblage Gallery, located on 70(a) Sleeper Street, just across from the Barking Crab restaurant (free admission but donations for features are appreciated. On February 12, Stone Soup welcomes another exciting new voice to our podium. Read below to find out more about the poet Damon. 

"My name is Damon, I’m an old soul living in young man’s body. Thoughts flow through mind a thousand miles a minute. I’m honest person who lives my truth and not a shame of it. My poetry comes from observational point of view, life experiences, and the vibes around me. Poetry to me opens the soul to learn, to feel, to manifest one’s inner self. I am the truth of reality, I am prophet."