July 13: Stone Soup Poetry Slam!

Our first slam was a bit o' a success! So come and join us for Stone Soup's 2nd Poetry Slam @ Out of The Blue Gallery located at 541 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 right at the Central Square Red Line Train Station.

*This JUST in! Someone actually threw a stone in the soup! (Thanks Chad -_- ) We will be having a Micro Feature PROMPTLY at 7PM. Chad will host as Yuri Hospodar returns to Stone Soup in all the hot noodle glory that one can muster up after a 20 year absence. Yuri Hospodar, in a previous incarnation, had poems included in New York Quarterly, Stone Soup Poetry Quarterly, Boog City, and most likely a few other magazines, as well as appearing in An Anthology of New (American) Poets and online journals such as Shampoo. He moved to Australia and became antipodean in 2007; he is slowly reawakening and becoming reacquainted with words and such.

The Deal: 12 poets, 3 rounds, 5 judges, and amazing poetry.

The booty (I meant bounty): There will be three cash prizes:

1st place gets you $75, 2nd place gets you $30 and 3rd place gets you $15 smackaroos!

If you think you got what it takes, then step to the Stone Soup Mic and just, just: Just Slam!!