May 15: C.C. Arshagra Features at Stone Soup Poetry

Stone Soup Poetry meets every Wednesday online from 7:00-9:00 PM via Zoom. Stay tuned for updates on any future live gatherings. On May 15, Stone Soup's anniversary month continues with artistic entrepreneur C.C. Arshagra.

Recognized as one of the most dedicated followers of the open microphone circuit, C.C. Arshagra won a Boston award for participating in the most open microphones in 2000. He is the author of Emotional Geography, Poems, Scared Sacred, Death of an Ego, What Manner of Character and now the open microphone / human rights, free speech, and the word. In addition, he writes song lyrics. A veteran video producer of the Stone Poet Poets weekly CCTV shows. Feature poet at several Stone Soup Anniversary shows including year 45 with his poetry art band Funk Physics with legendary guest musicans Blake Newman and Ken Field performing live to improvised music. Core Funk Physics bandmates Derrik Bosse and Matt Belliveau. History includes working with jazz artists: Jeff Robinson Trio JR3’s Poetry Jam, Ken Field’s Board of Education and Michael Caglianone’s Zen Bastards. 

His live improvisations include the 4 CD series The ID “inkless dialogue” poems / Spoken mind Poetry; this work exists in sound form only. He also has produced many radio and video shows for broadcast, including Stone Soup Poetry (CCTV / Cambridge, MA), "The Worlds On" (SCTV - Somerville, MA), "The I Do Not Know Show," "The Divide and Conquer News Report" (WESU 88.1 Middletown CT) and "Dear Dead People with Uncle CC" (YouTube). His paradigm art project The Human Room Open Voice / THROV.life aims to bring into fruition the internet’s first global participant-owned free speech platform. Podcasts in production include The WORD Show / Worlds Of Resolved Dichotomies, Plus the experimental film/ video projects DocuDialogue, C.C. Arshagra’s In Conversation With, and Naked, Vulnerable and Being are just some of his film/video works in progress. Arshagra walks the walk, speaks soul to soul and is humbled by life as an artist. His canvas of creativity is expansive and his favorite mantra is “love is not afraid.” 

Arshagra is an autodidact raised by an Armenian genocide survivor who taught him profound attitudes of benevolence: no hate, no enemy, no blame and no vengeance He spent many years in Boston and Cambridge – urban areas that nourish the voices of emerging poets and encourage free speech as a common language, free of social limitations and cultural constraints. His journey of transcendence draws strength from movement and healing arts, and constantly renews itself with profound commitment to love. In more recent years, his writing has been complemented by work on websites that serve free speech and humanitarian goals.

Join us on May 15 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM ET by clicking this link.

The meeting ID is 812 4396 5985

Password: stonesoup