NEW DATE November 20: Lexi Wight Features at Stone Soup Poetry

Due to a scheduling miscommunication at the gallery, we are moving the poet's feature to November 20. We apologize for the confusion.

Stone Soup Poetry now meets every Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 at our new location, the Fort Point Arts Community's Assemblage Gallery, located on 70(a) Sleeper Street, just across from the Barking Crab restaurant (free admission but donations for the poet(s) appreciated. On November 20, we kick off the new month with poet Lexi Wright.

Lexi Wight spends her day attempting to help bridge worldwide cultural gaps, and her nights immersed in multiple different art forms. Throughout the week, you can find her loitering at some of her favorite spots. These include Bill's open mic jam in Newton, where she has been knighted, and the Lizard Lounge’s Poetry Slam, where she has been featured. She has also been part of the Lizard Lounge slam team for the past three years, during which they performed in the Nationals in Atlanta, Denver, and Chicago. In addition she has been a guest on 87FM’s Smokin’ Rhymes and the Boston Stoops podcast. You can find recordings of her poems on Soundcloud.