The State of Stone Soup, 3-6-18

Less than four days after one of our most energetic nights since our new era began, I was informed that the Brew on the Grid in Cambridge closed down their Windsor Street location for good.

Long story short, management tells me they will be researching spaces for a potential new home on the red line. The manager I've been dealing with has told me he would still love to have Stone Soup return to wherever the Brew's new home is.

For now, however, Stone Soup is in limbo again.

Therefore, I am cancelling this Thursday's reading with Lee Varon and Julia Carlson. I am spending the rest of the week searching for a potential venue for the other poets I have scheduled for this month along with April and May.

I have at least one potential new home as it is. If they accept us, Stone Soup will likely have to move to an earlier time and possibly a different day.

I am linking this announcement on Facebook and tagging all the poets I've scheduled so they will learn the latest news. If any potential time, date or location is a deal breaker, they can let me know.

I will be troubleshooting this while working this week. If any of you have suggestions, please let me know.

If I'm lucky, I will have more to announce this week. If not, I'll have to consider more tough decisions. 

--Chad Parenteau