February 22: Jamilla Bailey Features at Stone Soup Poetry

After a short hiatus, Stone Soup Poetry returns as a weekly poetry open mic venue at a new day, time and location. Stone Soup is now meeting every Thursday night from 8-10 PM at Brew on the Grid located on 93 Windsor Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On February 22, Jamilla Bailey visits us to celebrate her new poetry collection Black Girls Burn Blue.

 It will now be free to attend the open mic and/or feature, but we encourage you to bring cash so we can "pass the hat" for our feature. We also recommend you support Brew on the Grid by at least buying one drink out of gratitude for their hospitality.

Jamilla “JB” Bailey is a pro-black feminist from Boston whose recent collection Black Girls Burn Blue deals with the weight of depression, blackness, and femaleness through raw accounts of her own experiences. As the former editor of, The Elephant Literary Magazine and a student at UMass Boston’s English Master’s program, Jamilla is dedicated to studying poetry as a professional art form, with hopes of owning her own printing press.