May 9: Spit that Fire Poetry Slam with Anthony McPherson

 Here we go again Stone Soup Poetry Where slam poets get together and show us what they got! You be the judge to see if one eight poets got what it takes to win the $80 cash prize!! "So you think you can SLAM!"

Anthony McPherson (aka Tony Fearnone) resides in New York City. His biracial poetry intertwines various artforms such as breakdance, beatboxing, as well as a myriad of character impressions. He ranks 13th on earth (IWPS 2015), and garnered the attention of Button Poetry, Huffington Post and Upworthy. You can see him perform in an upcoming Lions Gate film, title to be announced. He is a Nuyorican Grand Slam poet (3rd at NPS 2012), and an Urban Word alum (2nd at BNV ‘08). Mr. Fearnone represents those who left home far behind to make it, and those who will go far enough to find themselves - their best selves.