Stone Soup Poetry Presents: A Tribute to Mike Amado

Filmed on January 5th, 2009. The near-entirety of Stone Soup Poetry's open mike was given over to tributes for Mike Amado, who passed away from end-stage kidney disease the Friday before, January 2, 2009. I spent most of that night recording videos and transferring them to a flash drive to avoid anything getting lost. Some tributes were missed, and I changed the order of the performances a bit. Jack Scully's spot on the open mike, early in the night, was moved to parts two and three, since I wanted to end with that.

The video segment of Mike reading that I used for the intro was taken from the Poetry Showcase in Plymouth last September. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to record all of Mike's poem, as the power went out in my camera just as he was getting to the end. Still, I was able to put the footage to good use here.

Those of you who want to see the original, chronological, and therefore more erratic version can get the DVD of the event as recorded by Bill Perrault for airing on Cambridge and Lowell public access TV. Email stonesouppoetry@yahoo.com, and I'll forward your request to him (he usually requests $5.00 for each DVD).

--Chad Parenteau