Tell-Tale Inklings Seeks Submits

Tell-Tale Inklings seeks character studies for its “free trial” first issue, Autumn 2014.  Narrative poems (50-line maximum) and flash fiction (1,000-word maximum) only.
The poem or story must have a beginning, middle, and end and reveal something about the character(s).  It needn’t be an Earth-shattering secret or personality flaw, but readers should think or feel something about the character(s) by the end.  The namesake Edgar Allan Poe avowed that a story ought to be readable in its entirety in one sitting.  Who are we to argue with Poe?  Feel free to challenge us with another time period, foreign planet, etc.  Kindly don’t challenge our tastebuds, though.  Gratuitous sex, graphic violence or anything defamatory/hateful, rantingly political, et cetera will not be published.

Submit a maximum of 5 poems and/or two stories in the body of an e-mail to making2@outlook.com.  Left-margin aligned, 12-pt. font  Deadline: May 15, 2014. 

Payment is nothing but glory, and the writer relinquishes monetary claims should the work eventually appear in print form.  The first issue will be online as a page of the Tell-Tale Chapbooks (TTC) web site.  TTC is a small press, and the publisher hopes that the free online first issue of Tell-Tale Inklings will be the last.  That is, one hopes that enough interest is shown in the “free trial” to inspire a 4-page broadsheet that can be purchased via mail or downloaded.