May 27: Cheryl Perreault, Carol Weston and Sanghi Feature

Stone Soup Poetry meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery at 106 Prospect Street with an open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m. On May 27th, Carol Weston helps to close out Stone Soup's 42nd anniversary month with her handpicked co-features, Cheryl Perreault and Sanghi

Cheryl Perreault is a spoken word artist of poetry and story, often performing to the guitar music of visionary singer-songwriter/composer Steve Rapson. They have two cd recordings of guitar and spoken word, the most recent titled Roar.

With a background in psychology, Cheryl honors the art of sharing our life-stories with one another... in life review work with hospice patients, in providing programming for local storytelling and in her work as host and coproducer of the Meet Your Neighbor show at HCAM-TV. She is also founder/host and co-producer of a monthly Saturday morning program known as "Wake up and Smell the Poetry" at HCAM-TV Studios in Hopkinton which offers monthly programs of “awakening” to the art of poetry, story and song for community.

Carol Weston has featured many times with Stone Soup. She read alongside Jack Powers and Allen Ginsberg in 1973 in the former Charles Street Universalist Church. In the Winter of 1983, she was asked by Powers to feature in Boston's City Hall along with John Wieners. Her poetry has been published in The Farleigh Literary Review, Bomb, Stone Soup Anthology 2003, Spoonful and The Blind See Only This World.

Sanghi is an artist at heart, student of life, MIndFu - evaluating life through making sense of life experience and connecting the dots in life between art science and religion.
Sanghi is a walker wanderer poet painter gardener of words and flowers and she was so poor, grew up without tasting soda or coffee but now she sips coffee and catches thought. She is interested in all arts that influence and shape life.
She believes all humans are life artists whether we are aware or not. She says artists and poets, we are the scientists in nature. We discover and distill our living wisdom by living it, feeling it and practicing it.

Born and raised in South Korea, she came to America as an young adult without English or money but with a big dream and loving freedom. 12 years ago, she got lost in fear and tumbled down to the shadow of fear and almost lost her abilities to even walk, taking the prescription drug she did not believe but to make doctors and others happy. Under the influence of prescription drug she lived almost two years as a human guinea pig life and she dropped the prescription drug as Cold Turkey way against her doctor’s advice ten years ago. Since then she started to walk to reclaim and regain health and still on foot. When tender age, she walked across Seoul Korea, heard unspoken heart shattering words from thin air. Now she walks to wash off the dented outdated heart shattering words and to clean mind and heart. Through walking she finds her voice, the life and freedom loving voice. She walked in two marathons ten years and she still walks to Boston from her home in West Natick on Marathon day to celebrate life.  She is a naturalized U.S. citizen and currently lives in West Natick, MA.