September 24h: Pre-Stone Soup Poetry Writing Workshop

I will be leading a workship on September 24 th, to take place before Stone Soup Poetry from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Price of admission into the workshop will be included in your standard donation to Stone Soup Poery.

You will be able to attend Stone Soup Poetry and the workshop without having to pay anything extra. I'm interested in community, not profit.

For the first workshop, please bring a poem of any form and style no more than 1-2 pages. Bring up to 10 copies of your poem to share with the group, an
d be prepared to share your thoughts on each other's work. If you have trouble printing your work, you can email it to me before noontime on September 24th at chadpoetforhire@yahoo.com

Tom Tipton at the Out of The Blue has agreed to lend us space in the gallery's spacious back yard. I'll make sure to bring snacks and water.

This workshop will ideally take place the final Monday of every month. Those who are unable to attend next week but interested in future dates please email me at chadpoetforhire@yahoo.com