Photo by Bill Perrault

From poet and writer Anne Brudevold:

Ever-learning from successes and mistakes, I and some friends are
starting a small press mag called EdenRiver, published by our very
own EdenRiverPress. I started on my own with a chapbook of my own
poems, learned a lot doing it, and gave chapbooks as Christmas
presents, so I could write instead of shop. Well, the bug bit.
Inspired by Ibbetson Press, and all you small press people, and
starting to know Boston/Cambridge/ Somerville better, momentum is
gathering and a small team (like little league baseball) Eden River
is launched. We have an art director, proofreaders, design advice,
and a team to read manuscripts. We are soliciting manuscripts of
short fiction, poetry, interviews and reviews. Guidelines are 5-6
poems, 4-5 pages fiction, 2-3 page non-fiction/ reviews.

The first issue has a theme -- Home. Send us your memories/thoughts
of your roots, of childhood, your ideas of home or homelessness. The
deadline is September 30, 2007. So please honor us with your
submission. We promise to read it with care, and, if accepted, we
intend to put out, on quality paper with photographs and
illustrations, an organic-to-the- eye-ear-mind perfect bound volume
with ISBN number.

You will receive a complimentary copy, and the opportunity to buy
more to give as presents or to sell yourself and keep the profit.
Send your work to EdenRiverPress@gmail.com
Thank you so much! Please help us by spreading the word. Submissions
are opent to all.

We don't want to over-crowd the small press world. We have a unique
vision of Eden and we hope you will share your visions with us.

--Anne and The Team