October 2nd: Make Amado Features

Stone Soup Poetry meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery (located on 106 Prospect Street in Cambridge) with an open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m. On October 2nd, Mike Amado has his first Stone Soup feature.

Mike Amado, a performance poet, tries to open your mind to thoughts and images of your inner soul. He recites spirited poetry, this poet/musician is a lifelong resident of Plymouth, Ma. Poems Unearthed From Ashes, his first book, was published in 2006.

He was a contributor to The Bagelbards Anthology and has featured and performed throughout Emass and Rhode Island, as well as putting together a Poetry Showcase in conjunction with the recently held 39th Annual Plymouth Juried Art Show. He's influenced by Beaudelaire, Blake, Bly, his Native American ancestry, the occult and metal music. A sample poem follows.


Slam poet sorcerer, necromancer romantic-
Don’t wait to burn like Frida Kalho,
While posing on your funeral pyre and
Waiting to see your bones
Turn to iridescence...
That day is now
So dress yourself impaled
With an arm-rail
And bathed in blood
With golden glitter,
Make your life a spectacle
As an avant-garde portrait
Of spirit made flesh
Wanting to be a symbol
Three minutes ought to do it,
That day is now.
Standard-model human, benign barbarian
With non-Machiavellian tongue
Tied in knots...
Don’t wait to unblind your
Low-brow mind and start
Living the truth. Even if
The Philistines say:
"Do so" or, "Don’t so"
That day is now.
Don’t paint yourself a Picasso
If you really are a Mark Swan.
Be a recluse writer and
Milk your cows at midnight.
Free _expression for everyone! -
Even in sporadic intervals.
That day is now...
You have three minutes.
Mike Amado